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ITFunk is a Computing Labs Manager at one of Australia’s leading Universities.  Running a small team looking after over 3400 PCs, both Windows and OS X, requires a lot of automation which leads to lots of very neat tips and tricks.

ITFunk’s first foray into IT was via Mainframe Computing, using OS390.  I then moved into the Windows arena via work at one of Australia’s largest insurance and banking providers.  Working as a Desktop Consultant I got to play with lots of new technologies and work with business units to implement new and exciting technologies.  Some of the projects I worked on included Windows Mobile deployments, federated desktop platforms and automated Windows image creation.

ITFunk then had the opportunity to move into the education space via a managed operating environment project.  I brought my extensive application packaging experience and SOE design skills to the University on a 3 month contract, and remain here over 8 years later now managing the student PC fleet.  Whilst at the University, I have also managed various other initiatives such as a Digital Signage roll-out and integrating our student print environment with the CBA’s new BPoint online payments solution.

ITFunk has a Masters in IT (Professional), is a member of Mensa, and enjoys the odd Ironman to keep him off the streets and out of trouble.  He is married with two very handsome boys!


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