Windows 7 Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF)

With all the new advanced features appearing in the latest vendor hardware, you may be finding issues with your image deployments when it comes to installing device drivers.

Late last year Microsoft released version 1.11 of the Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF) which is the backbone of many newer device drivers today.  If you have SOE images built prior to this release you have an earlier KMDF embedded in the image, and if you use driverless images you’ll probably find many devices are not functioning at the end of your imaging process.  The fix is to either:

  1. Build a new image containing the new KMDF, or
  2. Package it up for deployment just after you lay down you image (and prior to driver installation)

I know which one I’d prefer….

Dustin Hedges at DeploymentRamblings has put together a great how-to about injecting this KMDF update during your imaging process.

Dell also have wiki’d their experience with this issue at OS and Applications.

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