32 bit ODBC data sources on Windows 7 x64

We had an interesting call come through today with a user unable to configure a Microsoft Access System DSN in the ODBC Data Source Administrator on a Windows 7 x64 PC.
The crux of this issue is that as our Windows 7 SOE is 64bit, and by default the ODBC Data Source Administrator tool in the Control Panel only shows 64bit data source drivers. As our Office install in the 32bit version there aren’t any 64bit MS Office ODBC drivers installed. Running ‘Set up data sources (ODBC)’ from the control panel runs C:/windows/system32/odbcad32.exe. The 32 in the name of this executable is a bit misleading as it only displays 64 bit ODBC drivers.
To see the 32 bit ODBC drivers, and to set up new 32bit ODBC connections, you should instead manually run C:/windows/syswow64/odbcad32.exe

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